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Breast Lift

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Patient 01 - Better Body Confidence


Patient Details

Case 1 – Super Breast Lift with Liposuction to Axilla and Lateral Chest Wall

Reason for consulting with OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 46 year old mother of two adult children, ages 22 and 26, from San Bernardino County was unhappy with her sagging breasts and large areolas. She liked the size of her breasts but also didn’t mind being a little smaller. Her main goal was to have her breasts lifted. Upon exam, the surgeon measured the distance from her sternal notch (clavicle) to her nipple areolar complex to be 29 cm on the right side and 29.5 cm on the left. In general any measurement greater than 20 cm plus or minus a few centimeters is considered a lift candidate.

When the surgeon simulated what lift would look like she was happy with the volume on top and did not feel she needed an implant. Some women with sagging breasts will not have enough tissue in the upper pole to create an ideal breast shape and an implant is advised.

Since the patient was trying to lose weight, the surgeon suggested she wait for surgery until after her weight loss to have surgery. By the time of surgery, the patient had lost more than 15 pounds.

Surgery Plan – Super Breast Lift with Liposuction to Axilla and Lateral Chest Wall

Pre-Op Sizing
The patient was instructed to provide photos of naked breasts from the OC Breast Surgery site or another plastic surgery site that depict her ideal breast size along with breasts that are too big and too small.

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Pre-Op Labs
Blood Test

Day of Surgery
Super Breast Lift with Liposuction to Axilla and Lateral Chest Wall is performed under General Anesthesia in our outpatient surgery center. Surgical time is 4 hrs and 30 min.

Skin Marks were placed with the patient in the sitting and standing position prior to surgery. Patients are awake when they are taken to the operating room where the doctor tells her to focus on the happiest place on earth as the anesthesia is administered and the patient put to sleep. The breasts were first approached by marking out the areola at 4.5 cm and rechecked for proposed Super Breast Lift incisions. The skin was excised more than 9 cm below the new areolar edge, and the skin removed. This was done on both sides, and then, the rest of the Super Breast Lift incisions were rechecked for appropriate symmetry. This was done temporarily with staples. The patient was placed in the sitting position and determined to have good symmetry. The surgeon then removed the staples and performed the Super Breast Lift. What differentiates the Super Breast Lift from other lifts is the triple dermal tightening technique applied in the nipple areolar dermis, lower breast curve dermis, and lower breast fold dermis plus the elimination of post-surgical drains. The incisions were closed with sutures. The surgeon then removed 100 mL of fat through liposuction from each side of her lateral chest. The patient was placed in a post-surgical support bra with foam padding to compress the lateral chest. Skin tape was applied to the incisions.

Post Op
The next day at her first post-op appointment, she had normal post-op swelling and bruising to breasts and axilla area where the liposuction was performed. She said she experienced some nausea postoperatively but that subsided with medication. At six weeks post-op, she was looking and feeling great with a new sense of body confidence. Her post-op photos were taken 3 months after surgery.