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Breast Reduction

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Patient 02 - Breasts Always Too Big


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Case 2 – Breast Reduction with Super Breast Lift and Implant Exchange

Reason for consulting with OC Breast Surgery Specialist This 51-year old mother of two from Orange County, California has always wanted to have small, cute and perky breasts so that she could wear a dress without wearing a bra. While she had gained a few pounds over the years, she reported that her breasts have always been too big. In 2000 she had a breast augmentation with saline implants to help fill up the skin envelope. In 2007 she had a breast revision and exchanged her implants for silicone implants. She also had a circumareolar lift. Both of her previous surgeries were with surgeons not associated with OC Breast Surgery. During her consultation, the surgeon discussed reducing the tissues as much as possible and removing her implants, but she wanted fullness in her upper pole so she decided on the smallest implant possible for shape. Surgical Plan: Breast Reduction with Super Breast Lift and Implant Exchange Pre-Op Sizing Pre-Op Sizing No pre-op sizing was necessary. The patient submitted photos of her desired size and photos of breasts that were too big and too large. She reported her current breast size of 38DDD and wanted to be a 38 small C after surgery. Pre-Op Labs Mammogram EKG Blood test Day of Surgery Breast Reduction with Implant Exchange is done under General Anesthesia. Surgical time was 5 hrs. Prior to surgery, skin marks were placed with the patient in the sitting position. During surgery, the surgeon removed an intact Mentor smooth gel 300cc implants from each breast. He then performed a superomedial capsulotomy and further tightened the capsule with ball cautery. Internal sizers were placed through sterile Keller Funnels and the patient sat upright on the operating table so the breasts could fall naturally. A Natrelle Cohesive Inspira 195cc silicone, smooth moderate profile implant was placed in each breast subglandular, under the muscle. To reduce the size of her breasts beyond exchanging her larger implants to smaller ones, the surgeon removed tissues surgically and with liposuction for a total of 605g from the right breast and 505g from the left. To lift the breasts for the “perky” look she wanted, the surgeon performed the internal triple dermal tightening techniques of the no-drain Super Breast Lift. The patient was placed in a surgical support bra and skin tape placed on her incisions. Post Op The next morning at her first post-op appointment, the patient was instructed to perform the breast implant moving exercises every couple of hours for the first two weeks as the implants settled into position. Post-op photos were taken 3 weeks after surgery. The patient is extremely happy with her smaller, perkier breasts.