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Breast Implant Removal

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Patient Details

Case 5 – Implant Removal with Bilateral Crescent Lift

Reason for consulting with OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 69 year old patient from the Newport Beach area in California had been very happy with the results of her breast augmentation in 1997 with one of our OC Breast Surgery specialists. She would not have done anything to her breasts except she had a rupture in her saline implant. Her left implant went completely flat in a day. Initially, she and the surgeon discussed a breast revision with implant exchange. They talked about changing to silicone implants, which can be a concern for some patients. Silicone implants today are much improved from previous generations which were more prone to bleeding (silicone leaking on the outside of an intact shell) or rupture. Silicone implants today are made of a very cohesive gel and if the shell fails, the gel will generally stay put inside the implant.

The patient decided to have her implants replaced with silicone and was planning on staying about the same size. Then, at her pre op appointment, she expressed doubts about replacing her implants and wanted to learn more about removing them all together. After speaking to the surgeon, who explained that she did not have a lot of her own breast tissue and that she might not like the look of her breasts after surgery, she decided to take out her implants. The surgeon suggested a lift but she declined in case she decided to come back later and put in implants. They agreed on a Crescent Lift to raise the nipple slightly about 1 cm to 1.5 cm. She understood that this would not lift the underlying tissues of the breast, but can appear to make them look more lifted. They also agreed to leave the capsule and not remove it as it would help give the breast shape and volume.

Surgical Plan – Implant Removal with Bilateral Crescent Lift

Pre-Op Sizing
No pre-op sizing is necessary for implant removal.

Pre-Op Labs
Blood Test
All breast surgery patients are required to have a Mammogram or Ultrasound within 1 year of the surgery date. All patients must have a CBC and Basic Metabolic blood test to be cleared for surgery. Patients over the age of 50 must have had an EKG within 1 year of the surgery date.

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Day of Surgery
Implant Removal with Bilateral Crescent Lift is done under General Anesthesia. Surgical time was 2 hrs and 15 min.

The surgeon performed a bilateral removal of smooth saline “McGhan 270 cc implants. The right implant was intact and the left implant was deflated. He tightened both capsules with ball cautery then performed a bilateral crescent lift. He lifted the right nipple 1 cm and the left nipple 1.5 cm. The patient was placed in a surgical bra and skin tape placed over her incisions.

The next day at her first post-op her breasts were swollen but looked good without implants. At her 2 month post-op when these photos were taken, she was very happy with her decision to remove her implants.