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Breast Lift

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Patient Details

Case 3 – Super Breast Lift

Reason for seeking OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 49 year old previous patient had seen an OC Breast Surgery specialist previously to discuss a Breast Augmentation with a Lift. At that time, she decided not to have the surgery. Ten years later she came back to discuss a lift but without implants. She liked the natural look of her own breasts but wanted them to be more youthful and perkier. With her two children mostly grown she was ready for surgery. The surgeon measured her sternal notch to nipple distance to be 21.8 cm on the right side and 22.8 cm on the left. Her right breast volume was less than her left and her right breast a bit higher. The surgeon determined that she had sufficient fatty tissue in the upper pole to go without an implant, which was her preference.

Surgical Plan – Super Breast Lift

Pre-Op Sizing
Most breast surgery patients are encouraged to submit photos from the OC Breast Surgery or another plastic surgery website that are nude breasts in a neutral position. Anything in a bathing suit or clothes can distort the size of the breast. We suggest 1-2 photos of breasts that are too small, 1-2 photos of breasts that are too big, and 3-4 photos representing the ideal breast size.

Pre-Op Labs
Blood Test
All breast surgery patients are required to have a Mammogram or Ultrasound within 1 year of the surgery date. All patients must have a CBC and Basic Metabolic blood test to be cleared for surgery. Patients over the age of 50 must have had an EKG within 1 year of the surgery date.

Day of Surgery
Super Breast Lift surgery is done under General Anesthesia in our outpatient surgical center. Surgical time is 3 hrs and 30 min.

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Skin marks were placed with the patient in the sitting and standing position prior to surgery. During surgery the areolae marked out approximately 4.4 cm in diameter on each side. The proposed breast lift incisions were rechecked for appropriate asymmetry and then approximated with staples. The patient was placed in a sitting position by raising the OR table, to check for symmetry. The table is lowered back down, the staples removed, and the Super Breast Lift performed. The key difference between the Super Breast Lift and other lifts is the triple dermal tightening technique applied in the nipple areolar dermis, lower breast curve dermis, and lower breast fold dermis. The Super Breast Lift also eliminates the need for post-surgical drains, making the recovery safer and more convenient for the patient.

Post Op
The next day at her first post-op appointment, the patient was instructed to follow all pre-op instructions and not engage in any activities that raise heart rate or blood pressure for at least two weeks. She was also instructed to wear a She-Fit bra for support. At her 2 month post op appointment when the photos were taken, she was very happy with her au naturelle results.