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Breast Lift

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Patient 04 - Breasts After Babies


Patient Details

Case 4 – Super Breast Lift

Reason for consultation with OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 36 year old from Orange County was ready to get her body back after having three children, all under the age of five. She was happy with the size of her breasts – 36D – but wanted them to be perky again. Her breasts had definitely sagged. The measurements from her sternal notch (collar bone) to the nipple areolar complex measured 26cm on the right side and 28cm on the left. Like a lot of other women who experience a change in their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, a breast lift is a great surgery to make the breasts more youthful. She had no prior breast surgeries, but was open to the idea of an implant to help shape the breast. During her consultation with an OC Breast Surgery specialist, the surgeon simulated what her natural breasts would look like lifted, and they both determined that she would be happy with the result of no implant. She was especially delighted to hear that she could have a breast lift with no drains.

Surgical Plan – Super Breast Lift

Pre-Op Sizing
Most breast surgery patients are encouraged to submit photos from the OC Breast Surgery or another plastic surgery website that are nude breasts in a neutral position. Anything in a bathing suit or clothes can distort the size of the breast. We suggest 1-2 photos of breasts that are too small, 1-2 photos of breasts that are too big, and 3-4 photos representing the ideal breast size.

Pre-op Labs
Blood test

Day of Surgery
Super Breast Lift is performed under General Anesthesia in our outpatient surgery center. Surgical time is 4 hrs and 30 min.

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Skin marks were placed with the patient in the sitting and standing position. First the surgeon performed liposuction to the lateral chest to remove a total of 150 mL of fat from the right side and 200 mL of fat from the left side. This was done to create a better breast shape and smooth out the bra line area. The surgeon then stapled the patient’s breasts following the proposed pre-surgical skin markings and sat the patient upright on the operating table to check for symmetry. This allows the surgeon to see how the patient’s breast size and shape will look after the lift. If adjustments need to be made they are before the Super Breast Lift is performed. During the Super Breast Lift the surgeon lifts and tights the internal tissues beneath the skin and then removes and tightens the external tissues. The key difference between the Super Breast Lift and other lifts is the triple dermal tightening technique applied in the nipple areolar dermis, lower breast curve dermis, and lower breast fold dermis and the elimination of post-surgical drains. The patient was placed into a post-surgical support bra and skin tape placed on her incisions to optimize healing. Foam was placed inside of her bra to serve as compression for the areas that were liposuctioned.

The next day at her first post-op appointment, the patient looked and felt good. Her dressings were changed and she was told to continue wearing the foam inside her bra as compression. She tolerated the post-surgical pain very well and was able to stop taking all pain meds a few days after surgery. Post-Op photos were taken 5 weeks after surgery. Scars continue to heal for up to one year post-op.