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Breast Reduction

Before & After Gallery | Patient 4

Patient 04 - Lopsided “Saggers”


Patient Details

Case 4 – Breast Reduction with Super Breast Lift

Reason for consulting with OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 49 year old patient from Newport Beach, CA used to love her breasts when she was younger. They were always big, but they had good shape and were perky. She started to notice a difference in how they looked when she turned 40. She looked in the mirror and saw two “lopsided saggers”. She was also developing a rash under her breasts and had to apply baby powder to keep the area dry. She had been thinking about a breast reduction and lift for a long time and with her 50th birthday and menopause quickly approaching, she was ready for surgery.

In the exam, the surgeon measured the distance from her sternal notch to her nipple areolar complex as 25cm for the right side and 26.3cm for the left side. Typically, any distance greater than 20cm (plus or minus) is considered a candidate for a breast lift. Her current bra size was a 34/35DD but her left breast was larger than her right. After surgery she wanted to be a small D cup or large C cup.

Surgical Plan – Breast Reduction with Super Breast Lift

Pre-Op Sizing
No pre-op sizing is necessary for a breast reduction. The patient submitted photos of what she thought were her ideal breasts along with breasts that were too small and too large.

Pre-Op Labs
Blood Test
All breast surgery patients are required to have a Mammogram or Ultrasound within 1 year of the surgery date. All patients must have a CBC and Basic Metabolic blood test to be cleared for surgery. Patients over the age of 50 must have had an EKG within 1 year of the surgery date.

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Day of Surgery
Breast Reduction with Super Breast Lift is done under General Anesthesia. Surgical time was 4 hrs and 30 min.

Skin marks were placed with the patient in the sitting position prior to surgery. In surgery, the breasts were prepped and draped in the sterile fashion. The surgeon rechecked for appropriate symmetry. The left breast was larger than the right side and therefore the tissue to be removed along the inframammary fold on the right side was less than on the left side. On the right side the surgeon removed 85g of tissue. On the left side he removed 155g. The proposed breast lift incisions were approximated with staples. The patient was placed in a sitting position on the operating table. The left side still appeared larger than the right side and the areas for liposuction were marked. The staples were removed, and the dermal lifting and tightening techniques of the Super Breast Lift performed. The key difference between the Super Breast Lift and other lifts is the triple dermal tightening technique applied in the nipple areolar dermis, lower breast curve dermis, and lower breast fold dermis. After completing the internal and external lift, the patient once again was placed in the sitting position and the proposed liposuction areas marked out. Approximately, 225 mL removed from the right side, and 275 mL removed from the left side. This gave a total amount of tissue with liposuction removed of 310 g on the right and 430 g on the left. The wounds were cleaned with saline alcohol, covered with paper tape, gauge, and support bra with foam padding in the lateral breast.

The next morning at her first post-op appointment, the patient was swollen with moderate bruising. She was instructed to continue wearing her support bra day and night. Her post op photos were taken one month after surgery. Her scars will continue to improve for up to one year.