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Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Patient 04 - Breasts after Dramatic Weight Loss


Patient Details

Case 4 – Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Super Breast Lift

Reason for consulting with OC Breast Surgery specialist
This 40 year-old patient from Orange County, California had plenty to celebrate – a 90 pound weight loss that she was maintaining! Losing that much weight is life changing. It also changes your body. Unfortunately, with all that weight loss her breasts really began to sag and she lost a lot of volume. She was ready to get her body back after losing weight. During her consultation with an OC Breast Surgery specialist, the surgeon discussed a breast lift to correct the shape of her breasts and an implant to correct the loss of volume. She liked the look of a natural sloping breast as depicted in the diagram of the Ideal Breast. They also discussed the types of implants available: silicone versus saline. The patient decided on silicone as it offers the most natural feel and look. She was comfortable with the scars of a lift and excited to learn that the Super Breast Lift required no drains post-operatively.

Surgical Plan – Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Super Breast Lift

Pre-Op Sizing
The patient was instructed to follow the Breast Implant Sizing Guide at home before her pre-op sizing appointment in our Newport Beach office. This home exercise involves buying a few different sized bras with no padding or push up and then filling them with flax seed placed in a cutoff nylon stocking with a twist tie. This allows the patient to experience what she considers to be too little volume, too much volume, and just the right amount of volume. She liked a range of 225 cc for her flax seed exercise.

On the day of the pre-op sizing appointment, the patient is instructed to bring her bras and a tight garment like a simple t-shirt. Our Clinical Coordinator assists the patient in placing tapered gel sizers into a bra to find a range of implant sizes. It’s good to know that implants come in about 22 different sizes from 150cc to 800cc. In the lower two-thirds of this range, the difference between one implant size and the next is about two tablespoons, which is a relatively minor change when one considers the volume of the overall breast. In the office she preferred a 250 cc sizer and realized that she may need a bigger implant to achieve her desired look which was depicted in the photos she provided of naked breasts in a neutral position.

Day of Surgery
Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Super Breast Lift is done under General Anesthesia. Surgical time is 4 hrs and 30 min.
Prior to surgery, skin markings were placed with the patient in the standing position. In surgery,

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Consult Information:
1. How many prior surgeries and when- no prior breast surgeries
2. What is the nature of the problem- Bilateral ptosis and breast atrophy (due to significant weight loss), was a 34 D and just wanted to fill it out better didn’t want to go up to a DD, wanted breasts to look very natural and have a natural slope
3. Surgical Plan- BBA with full mastopexies

Sizing Notes:
Wears loose 34 D wants to fill it out better, does not want to go up to a DD
Wants breasts to look natural, likes natural slope
Liked 225 cc flaxseed, 250 cc sizer in office. Understands she might need a bigger implant to accomplish the look of 250 sizer because of extra tissue being removed with lift.

OP Note Information:
1. Procedure- BBA with SM Allergan smooth gel SCM 255cc implants and full mastopexies
2. Implant Information-
Placed Allergan Natrelle Inspira Cohesive 255cc implants in the submuscular position.
3. Photos of Rupture- n/a

Post Op Photo Information:
1. Post Op- 1 year post op